Oukitel serie “K” is well known to bring a smartphone with a sturdy frame and display as well as a long duration battery.
Today we bring you the K4000.
After the K6000 and K10000, Oukitel released the K4000 Pro, that we will write about it:

Pro-hFor the K4000 Pro an even harder, thicker Special glass was used for the display (0.7mm at K4000, K4000 1.1mm at Pro) and also the built-in 4000mAh got upgraded to 4600mAh.


We all remember the video of Oukitel on the K4000 , where were beaten in a strip of wood with the Phone nails.
With the video on the K4000 Pro Oukitel sets one better and proposes not only nails into a wooden bar, but uses the display of K4000 Pro back to drive the nail tips again:

In addition, the K4000 Pro, has even bigger battery and has a quick charge special charger with 5V / 1.5A.

The display also received an optical update: the 2.5D curved Arc design.
My personal impression: the color reproduction is at K4000 Pro much better than the K4000, for example, I the black display on the Pro version is way better.Pro-h

Furthermore, the K4000 Pro has an additional 4G Band, 8, for international use.
Also, the G sensor received an update, see graph:

Vergleich Very positive fact is the the removable battery and the fact that we can use 2 SIM cards AND a SD card and both SIM cards are LTE capable.


Here are a few things I would think are important:

The K4000 Pro weighs a whopping 240g, due to the 5″ display and unrealized variable does very well in the hand. (Unlike some lightweights, which are already slipped one time or another from the hand).
Here are the touch buttons below the display is not lit and are not optimal to detect the black variant of the red color of the keys.
I find the display very pleasant, very good color rendering and the reaction is very accurate, despite the thick protective glass; even with additional cover sheet without any problems.
As I said, the Pro is excellent in hand, including the anti-slip rear contributes. Very pleasant I must say.


You are welcome see my unboxing / Hands On Watch video:

My Review to follow shortly, as Oukitel has announced a major update. Ua should (and must) the GPS accuracy can be adjusted; the far really only shortcoming in the daily use of which I noticed.


Anyone interested in the Oukitel K4000 Pro can go to our partner store CECT shop, a shop (not only) for German of Germans with good prices and support. Once the Oukitel K4000 Pro is available you can  order it there.


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