Of all Chinese export mobile phone brands, Ulefone is one of a few which really “produce” mobile phones and today an official video is released to show the Ulefone factory.

Named Gotron, the factory was established in 2006, eight years before the Ulefone brand . So far Gotron has served as OEM for 10 years but now it mainly supports Ulefone. As shown in the video, the factory’s function include assembly, test, and software development.


The factory has given Ulefone great freedom in many aspects. Ulefone has been able to develop their own designing language throughout the latest models. When they realize user experience is important they can release six updates in a few months to improve Ulefone Paris and will has upgraded Ulefone Power to Android 6.0. This year, they can even launch bezel-less and HiFi devices.


Ulefone says they are now building new assembly lines to meet users’ demands which are expected to surge this year. Well, as long as they don’t do stupid things, business growth seems not hard for them.