Estar Takee 1

Estar is still a relatively unknown manufacturer, based in the US. Estar released the Estar Takee 1,  our partner store CECT-SHOP kindly provided one device for testing. Now I would like to report in detail about my experiences with it:

Estar Takee 1


Packaging and content

The Takee 1 comes in a plain white cardboard box, on which the “Takee” logo is printed. An inscription from the actual manufacturers Estar is nowhere to be found.
The Estar Takee 1 is housed in a custom-fit plastic tray. Estar has thought here and puts under the smartphone a small strips, with which you can easily remove the Takee 1 from the shell.
In addition, Estar has an American Type A 5V / 2A charging adapter (CECT shop sets an adapter for European sockets), a ribbon USB cable, an additionally white back cover, a needle for opening the back and a Chinese Quick Start Guide.
Unfortunately no headphones or screen protector were added in this package.

Estar Takee 1

Design and processing

The design of the Estar Takee 1 does not have to please everyone. It has a black display, a matte black rear and a chrome-colored frame . I think that the design is quite successful and appealing. The chrome speakers on the front, the two small black strip on the right and left side or the silver ring around the rear camera give the Takee 1 a special look. However, i find the Estar Takee very plump and heavy, even it don´t come with a particularly large battery.
The keys are firm and perfectly integrated into the casing – no wobbling, no rattling. The camera, also well assembled, everything is very well made.
I have a complaint: the removal of the back. You have to press the needle on top in a small indentation and at the same time to drive around the battery cover with your fingernail, which I find quite cumbersome after several attempts.

Estar Takee 1


We come to the highlight of the Estar Takee 1 – the 3D and holographic display.
The Takee 1 has a 5.5″ large FHD display with 1920 × 1080 pixels resolution. It provides strong colors, but the display is relatively dark, so in direct sunlight you can hardly see anything.
Now the 3D function: Here I must say that I initially had a few teething problems. Although there were pre-installed on the smartphone 3 sample videos, i could not even correctly identify the 3D effect.  Please expect no 3D effect of a cinema or a 3D TV with glasses! We can realize the function using the preinstalled app “Holo Show”.

Estar Takee 1


Here the Estar Takee is powered by a MediaTek MT6592T octa core processor, clocked at 2.0GHz. it still run the old operating system Android 4.2.2. In conjunction with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage (expandable by up to 32GB via micro SD card).
All “everyday” tasks ran without problems. Only look at the 3D video will soon become relatively warm, but this is certainly be corrected in future updates.
The battery is 2500mAh, quite small, since a 5.5″ FHD display will drew it easily. With intensive use, this battery will not take a day. “Normal” users should have no problem using it during one day long.
On the back of Takee 1 a loudspeaker is mounted, this provides a very neat good sound.

Estar Takee 1

Here are two screenshots of the test results of AnTuTu and Quadrant benchmarks:

Estar Takee 1

Networks and Telephony

Unfortunately, Estar Takee 1 don´t support LTE.
The 3D smartphone supports dual SIM with a mini-SIM and a Micro-SIM. My two different providers maps were integrated quickly and easily.
Phone calls can be made ​​without problems.

Estar Takee 1


The Estar Takee 1 supports WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0  and of course has a micro USB 2.0 port.
The GPS has disappointed me a little. Sometimes it had a fix in a few seconds, then the Takee took ages to detect his location again.

Estar Takee 1


Again and again I am surprised what can achieve a 13MP camera.
The Estar Takee 1 fetches from the built-up 13 MP Sony IMX135 sensor Exmor really all out. The camera can take great pictures, videos, local or landscape shots.
However, the quality of images in low-light areas is not so good (as i expected for a budget phone). Unfortunately, the camera software works not very good with the existing flash together – a real shame.
The front camera also offers a very good quality.

But what bring many words without proof, here are pictures that have been recorded with the Estar Takee 1:


The Estar Takee 1 had to arise in many situations to prove, and most truly mastered perfectly and without problems. My recommendation gets the Estar Takee 1 definitely.

You would not believe, but it’s just always amazing to see the faces of his friends, when one shows on his mobile phone, a 3D video or holographic feature.

Finally, I would like to thank our partner store CECT shop for sending us an Estar Takee 1 to review.

You want to impress your friends and always have a good camera at the body, then looked over at yet CECT shop. The 3D Smartphone is currently at a price of only € 119.99.

Link to the shop


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