The lesser-known 13MP phone camera Panasonic MN34150 ( or MN34172 as called in China) has given quite positive performance on mid-range Ulefone Vienna. But is it all its capacity? Will it get better optimization on the flagship UMI Super?vienna9

A latest Video by Ulefone has compared the two phones’ photography performance. It seems UMI Super has better control over exposure than Ulefone Vienna. In strong light where Ulefone Vienna photos are a little washed out, UMI Super images are not. But while Ulefone Vienna is able to deliver the right color, all pictures and videos by UMI Super has a yellowish color tone, which has made most colors look dark and the green color look like painting. So for most people Ulefone Vienna camera should be a better choice.


Packing NXP9890 audio chipset, 32GB storage, and 1080p Sharp display, Ulefone Vienna is sold for 149.99€ at our partner shop CECT SHOP (link to the Vienna) these days while UMI Super is generally priced around 200€.

You can watch the video about the comparison now:

  • Apostolos Tsigaras

    I think Vienna has better colors. UMI has a tone of yellow both photos and video.