One month ago Ulefone sent us some pictures showing they were working on a Huawei-Mate-S-like unibody mobile phone, called Alpha. It will probably turn out with MTK6755 (Helio P10) chipset and 2k display resolution.

150916 ulefone Alpha

Firstly we can see that the size of the display will be 5.5″, otherwise 2K resolution will not be reasonable. The lower jaw of the new phone’s front side is very narrow, so there may not be touch keys here and we expect to see virtual home, menu and back buttons on the display. The mid frame and back cover is joint with chamfer but no crevice, indicating a non-removable battery. On the rear side, we can see fingerprint scanner and double flash.
It seems Ulefone hasn´t decided yet some details, including the location of the antenna, SIM slots, and USB port, given that the first pics show 2 prototypes with some minor differences.

UleFone pic leaks:

But that is not the only all-metal model on their plan, because last days we received photos of another Meizu-MX5-like device that they claim to release next year:

Metal Age 1

The prototye has a grey metal back cover that is united with the frame, but the whole rear side is separated into three sections with plastic which lies on antenna openings. From top down, there are camera, flashlight, and fingerprint scanner. It is remarkable that there is a red point under the flashlight and that may indicate infrared focusing device. On the bottom edge we can see the outlets for double speakers. Ulefone didn’t show the front of the model, but since the fingerprint scanner has been located on the rear side, we can expect a face design similar to Ulefone Paris.

Metal Age 2It is likely that all Ulefone’s top-rank devices will adopt alloy unibody. Since all-metal design has prevailed mainstream brands like iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei, Ulefone predict it will also be popular among its competitors.


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