Oukitel has disclosed  the OUKITEL U7 Plus new fingerprint functions.

Previously for OUKITEL android devices like K6000 pro, fingerprint is for unlock whole device in black screen, lock and unlock APPs, now another 3 different things are coming for the fingerprint.

OUKITEL U7 Plus fingerprint new functions

First, U7 Plus will divide the usage for unlock screen and lock application. In the old fingerprint, if you don’t use the fingerprint as the unlock way for screen, your settings for lock and unlock application are also closed. But in the new tech, even if you use password or pattern as screen unlock method, you can set fingerprint unlock for your applications. This is a good way to protect your personal information. If your family member wants to use your phone, you can give it to him, but use your fingerprint to lock your important conversation app.

U7 Plus-1Second, U7 Plus add some new functions for fingerprint. You can tap the fingerprint to take a photo, to answer a phone call, to change to next photo in your album page, to pause music and start music again, and to pause video and start video again.

u7 plus-2

Third, U7 Plus allows you to link fingerprint to specified fingerprint. U7 Plus allows you to link 5 fingerprints to it, previously, all the fingerprint are same function to unlock screen and applications, now it can open an application directly. For example, you enrolled your right index finger and choose to link to facebook, then in black screen, when you tap fingerprint by index finger, you will go to facebook directly.

u7 plus-3

U7 Plus is a 5.5 inch HD displayed device with a unibody poly-carbonated battery cover. It gets the MT6737 Quad-core 64bit 1.3GHz chipset, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. It also takes a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.

OUKITEL U7 plus Presale

U7 Plus is already starting to accept pre-orders at the price of $89.99, while according to OUKITEL, from August 16th, there will be flash sale for this 4G smartphone only at $69.99. Stores will be listed on its official website.


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