Oukitel released a comparison video on youtube between OUKITEL U7 Plus vs Bluboo Maya vs HOMTOM HT17 pro.
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We are more and more relying on our mobile phone cameras to take photos. To take better photos, we care more about phone camera pixels.
However, for mobile phone cameras, even though the same pixels camera, the photos effect can be quite different.
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Oukitel compared in a video photos taken by 3 similar phones and in different situations.

Here we can see photos of flowers and plants with good sun ilumination.

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transferir (5)Then they took some photos of buildings and a statue, also with good natural ilumination.

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Last we can see a great car photo and can see the different colours that 3 photos got.

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According to Oukitel, their new Oukitel U7 Plus has got the best results.

transferir (8)If you want you can see the whole video here:


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