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We’ve got a phone violent test video starring Bluboo Maya Max in hand. In the video, we could find that the Bluboo Maya Max model remains intact after several drastic tests.


In the video, the display is unharmed just like a brand new phone after being run over by a car and smashed with a hammer. What’s more, the device is still undamaged after letting it fall from up to 2.5 meter height.

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Actually, in real life, the aforementioned situations will seldom happen to a smartphone. The tests aim to prove the amazing tolerance and firmness of the Maya Max model. How did the device survive the violent punishment with ease? The secrets are its original explosion-proof film and protective back case.

transferir (5)By the way, the film and protective cases were given away to those customers who purchased the Maya Max during the just-ended presale event of Maya Max.

transferir (2)It’s allegedly said that Bluboo will hold another promotion for Maya Max soon.

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