With the rapid development of smartphone field, smartphones and the spare parts change rapidly.

bluboo-dualThe smart devices get more functions to satisfy the increasing user experience. Aside from updating mobile operating system, the hardware also get optimized and innovated constantly. Apple officially launched their iPhone 7 Plus yesterday. As has been expected, the iPhone7 Plus features dual camera design. It seems that “dual camera” really becomes a buzz phrase in the smartphone industry this year. And Chinese manufacturer Bluboo Mobile leaked several renders of their new device, Bluboo Dual, featuring the lately popular dual camera setup.

Compared to single camera, dual cameras make smart device produce more clear and vivid images with pure and smooth colors.

Processed with Bluboo’s exclusive image synthesizing technology, the fused image not only is enhanced in detail but also has color information similar to the source color visible image. Bluboo Dual adopts 13.0MP dual rear cameras which is the highest resolution for dual cameras so far. The dual camera could not only automatically detect the shooting environment and start, but also help improve 20% of the clarity with the combination of Sony sensor.
As usual with these leaks and rumours,we currently have no news on its price or launch date, but you will be the first to know as soon as we get more details.

Just to remind that, new Bluboo Maya Max is still on flash sale with $79.99. Fans of Bluboo, you won’t want to miss it:




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