Oukitel is releasing a new device and here you will know everything you need to know about the new Oukitel K7000.

Every manufacturer has its own advantages, but also has its pain points. According to an online research on the topic “what do you hate most about your last mobile phone”, the most common 3 reasons are: “some functions can’t satisfy me”, “battery is easy to power off”, “touch screen problem or sudden device crach that affects normal usage”.




OUKITEL already released several big battery devices to solve the battery life. Here comes another device that is unlike previous big battery devices. This K7000 is to solve the needs that want to enjoy a monster battery but don’t like the thickness like K10000.


OUKITEL K7000 only gets a 2000mAh removable battery for the mobile, but will pack a 5000mAh wireless charger case which is named Matrix. The Matrix can be used as power bank, protective case and phone stand.

OUKITEL K7000 is officially online, and as delivery is planned in early October, full specs for K7000 are also confirmed. You can see them here:

Good news is that it is starting to accept pre-orders from September 21st at the price of only $109.99, if you don’t like the charger case Matrix, then you can just buy the device at $99.99. Authorized stores will be listed on OUKITEL official website: http://www.oukitel.com/store/index.html.


Here you can see the official page for the Oukitel K7000http://www.oukitel.com/products/k/k7000-54.html




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