transferir-4OUKITEL U13 work as a remote control using an infrared sensor. Yes this isn´t fiction it will work as you will see in the video.

transferir-3Have you ever meet the situation that you can’t find the remote control when you want to exchange the TV channel, or you want to adjust the temperature of your air conditioner when you are already in bed but the remote control is not at hand? In fact, you can use your mobile phone as a remote control.

OUKITEL recently starts on the OUKITEL U13 which has an infrared sensor on the top head, you can use it as a remote control for TV, Air condition, fan, Box, DVD, projector and even light.

See the video showing how U13 controls air condition and TV:

Below are the steps to work as a remote control:
1. Open the remote control APP;
2. tap “Add remote” to add your remote control(needs wifi connection or mobile data connection);
3. choose the device that you want to add(TV/Air condition/DVD/Projector..etc) and choose your TV or air condition brand;
4. Aim the infrared sensor of OUKITEL U13 to your TV or air condition receiver, and test whether it reacts to your handling(TV volume, AC temperature), if it reacts, you can save the control now. Next time when you want to use it, just open it and find your controller. It is exactly like a real controller, no need to add a new controller again.

transferir-2What’s more, you can combine different controller to one OUKITEL U13, set several remote control on it for different devices.


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