transferirOukitel released a video where we se Oukitel K7000 Matrix functions. We already know that Oukitel K7000 will pack a 2000mAh removable battery and 5000mAh battery in the charger case called Matrix. Oukitel K7000 Matrix offers 4 functions and the main function is to work as a power bank.

transferir-6Matrix has 5000mAh battery, this will offer more than double life for OUKITEL K7000 main device. On the right side, there is a USB port which allows to charge any other devices, whether it’s android device or iphone, USB fan or bluetooth, as long as there is a USB cable, it can charge it.

transferir-3To avoid power loss, there is a button at the bottom right corner, when pressed, it will start charging for K7000 and other devices. The material of K7000 matrix is plastic, so it is a good protective case for K7000. There is also a tiny bracket design at the back for supporting the device when watching videos on desks.


Due to customs difficulties of different countries, K7000 will have two kinds of standard packages, one with matrix packed together, the price will be $109.99. While for those which can’t ship a charger case together will have to order OUKITEL K7000 ($99.99) and matrix ($20) separately.

Here is the video:


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