OUKITEL is starting on a new device named OUKITEL U11 Plus.  It is designed to get 16MP cameras on front and back and will feature 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM.


The two cameras are Micron camera which is originally 13MP pixels, but will be interpolated to 16MP in software to get better photos. Many smartphone manufacturers are doing flash light for the back camera, but OUKITEL U11 Plus will also design a true flash light for the front-facing camera for selfies.

What’s more exciting is that U11 Plus will get a standard flagship flash memory with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. According to one engineer, it can run more than 50 applications at the same time, while there is still 20% storage left.

As a flagship model, OUKITEL U11 Plus will give more surprises and it is planned to go to market in November after Oukitel U15S.

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