Oukitel published a video where their new OUKITEL U15 Pro meets cut tests by Samurai swords.


In this video we can see OUKITEL U15 Pro beeing hitted with:

  1. Samurai knife
  2. Real Knife
  3. Samurai Sword


They also hitted other models that the background is made of Plastic and glass.


Many Smartphone manufacturers can´t made models with metal background, due to loss of signal, but Oukitel did a great job in this OUKITEL U15 Pro.


OUKITEL U15 Pro is during presale now, delivery is starting from end of this week. Users already pre-ordered it will get it soon.  Here is one of the store who is doing flash sale for U15 Pro: https://goo.gl/XtxlFe

Here is the OUKITEL U15 Pro meets cut tests by Samurai swords video:



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