As the smallest smartphone in the world NO.1 designated its newest gadget: the NO.1 S8and the measurements confirm this.
For under € 30 you should not expect high-tech smartphone, but perhaps a practical emergency cell for sports or a smartphone for children be able to reach the parents easily.

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The NO.1 S8 seems like a portable watch.
Of course, the size of 4.67 x 3.73 x 0.99 cm, it is similar and in the functions of a watch with phone function.
With inlaid Micro SIM (GSM 850 / 900/1800/1900) and the 1.54 “touch screen (240 × 240 resolution) 2.5D with curved glass, the NO.1 S8 becomes a full-fledged mobile phone that you can connect via Bluetooth to your own smartphone to answer calls to make.
space for a SIM and an SD card up to 16GB:


Sporty, ambitious users will appreciate the step counters and pulse meter function:


Worth mentioning also the memory function and the integrated sleeping monitor.
During a Bluetooth connection to the phone not only calls can be received, you can also receive messages  via Messenger apps like WhatsApp and WeChat.
In addition, the smartphone camera (trigger) can be operated remotely.

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I like the idea of always having a small, reliable mobile phone in my pocket.

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With these features and a so cheap price, the NO.1 S8 will certainly be a sales success.

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Here are the full specs of the NO.1 S8:


And last but not least the official pictures:

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