News from Vphone: a new Rugged Phone is beeing released the Vphone M3.
I personally say: finally, once a provider has developed a usable outdoor phone, which is not only waterproof, dustproof, pressure-resistant, cold-resistant, shock-resistant, scratch-resistant and, last but not least, fireproof and still everyday!!

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With the Vphone M3 comes for the first time a “normal” thick smartphone on the market . The 5 “HD IPS display is of course protected by third-generation gorilla glass.

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The Vphone M3 is a truly thought outdoor phone:

  • Due to the 4500mAh battery it makes it where no sockets can be found, not as slippery as most outdoor smartphones.
  • The reception is also good in badly cared for areas. If it is important, the sending of messages or a telephone call is still possible when many other models are already without reception.
  • Low outside temperatures force many smartphone batteries into the knees: not so with the M3.
  • With the M3, the most accurate GPS navigation is possible through a fast fix and high accuracy in localization.


  • The M3 also provides 4G connectivity with up to 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed.
  • Not necessarily unimportant for outdoor activities: not only snapshots succeed with the 13MP rear camera.
  • Useful: in the M3 a flashlight was integrated.

Pretty good arguments for the M3.

To complete:
driven the M3 from a MT6735 SoC with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM memory. V-Phone does not provide information about the expansion capability via SD card.
Light sensor, proxy sensor and G-sensor.
Only 200g weight at 150.5mm * 76.5mm * 14.5mm.

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An interesting video about the Vphone M3 can be seen here:




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