It’s already known that OUKITEL U15S features 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM, but what you can expect with the big flash memory?

It’s mainly reflected by running multi-tasks. For example, with a 2GB RAM smartphone you may only be able to run 25 apps at the same time fluently, but with a 4GB RAM smartphone, you can run more than 50 apps smoothly and no pressure to exchange tasks.

transferir-1OUKITEL U15S is such a powerful device, now it’s challenging to run 52 apps at the same time:


Some new apps are downloaded before taking the video, including music, maps, social communication APPS, learning APPs, games, shopping apps, news apps, etc.

transferir-3Together with the originally pre-installed apps, OUKITEL U15S opened 52 apps, all opens quite fast with no pressure. It also tried to search on a shopping app, and played a game while all the other appications are still in background running. It’s seen in the video that there is no block and no delay in handling these APPs.

In the previous video, 52 applications were opened but only handle and exchange 3 apps, users may doubt about the fluency about all other applications. So Oukitel released another video where they used the screen record function of OUKITEL U15S to take another video. All the 52 apps are opened, exchanged and handled, most of them needs network and space to run. It’s another video to prove the powerful performance of 4GB RAM.

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