The bigger event for Mobile this year was on Barcelona. I decided to write some articles about some brands that were on MWC Barcelona 2017. Here are some photos of Doogee at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2017:

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Doogee released and showed us a new device that they called: Doogee Y6Max.

the first 6.5” glass-freed 3D smartphone-Y6 MAX3D! It successfully makes the users’ dream of bringing the theater back homecome true!

Doogee Y6 Max
Doogee Y6 Max

This is a phablet with 6.5” display, 4300 mAh battery and according to Doogee “glasses free 3D”.

Another device they had on the booth was Doogee Shoot2:

I will be reviewing this Doogee Shoot2 next week, but i can say for now that it seemed very good quality for the price.

Doogee at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2017 was really great and we could saw some new interesting devices, including a new Doogee Flagship with a MTK X30 processor.

As we can see in this picture above, this device will have:

  • DUAL 16MP Frontal cameras
  • 21MP Rear camera
  • 8gb RAM
  • 256gb ROM
  • 5.7” 2K display
  • DTouch front-facing fingerprint
  • 4050 mAh battery
  • Android 7.1 Nougat

This new Doogee flaship device with MTK X30 processor will be for sure one of the best 2017 smartphones. I will try to bring more news and some videos about it very soon.