According to my Gretel Source their new device is the Gretel A6.

It’s reported that Gretel A6 will have a 5.5 inch 2.5D curved display from Sharp company and the rear camera will be 13MP with a Samsung sensor.

In addition, Gretel A6 will pack with the AAC box speaker technology for a  clarity, loud and comfort voice while making calls or chatting fact-to-face.


Gretel A6

From the leaked photo of Gretel A6, the appearance design is stylish and good-looking. The camera lens are shown on the top, volume keys located at the right side, and fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.  With premium aluminum alloy back cover and CNC curved edges, sure, maybe it doesn’t feel as premium as the Samsung or iPhone,  but really impressive one,  especially if you adore large screens and virtual assistants.

Gretel already launched A9 and A7 in March since they jumped to the public market in 2017. As a total new brand, it seems that Gretel wants to take the place in Chinese smartphone market and leave the tough position behind as fast as they can.

Regarding the upcoming product lines, Gretel has not leaked anything out,  but i believe it will come soon and hope they can focus on the high-end smartphone with cutting-edge technology!  To get any updates from Gretel, visit Gretel official websites:

I don´t have further details on A6 smartphone, but Gretel source said that will go on sale soon and they already have them in stock.




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