Everyday use smartphones are a current trend, following that, many manufacturers from China are bringing appropriate smartphones to the market. But what is “everyday use”?
If you look at it closely, each manufacturer from China has his own opinion and ideas about what constitutes the everyday suitability. Oukitel k4000 is the new model for everyday use.

So the idea of ​​Oukitel looks on “everyday use smartphone” from:


Light, thin, fast processor and a 5″ HD display in combination with Android 5.1.
Oukitel sees it differently: Features of K4000 are of course, as the name implies, the 4000mAh battery, the 3 ply 9H hardened display glass of 5 “HD display (which allows you to turn even nails in a strip of wood see video) and an extremely stable housing made ​​of a zinc-magnesium alloy.

May be that this combination no lightweight, should be clear, the 4000 mAh battery alone already brings 65g on the scales, the K4000 with battery 204g.
But that was not the default for the K4000.

k4000bFor several days, the K4000 was my constant companion.
In brief, I will report in detail about today I have already my unboxing video for you:

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