Gretel comes to the public market with 3 android phones to challenge the other smartphones on the same level.  It’s the Gretel A9, A7 and A6.  Much like the Nokia’s returns, which show off the new android devices – Nokia 8, Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 in a short time 2017.
Hope both – Gretel and Nokia – will have an easy run!
Today we received the next leaked information from Gretel Smartphone.
It said, Gretel A7 – the new budget smartphone you can buy for less than $55, packs in a design 1.5GHz dual-core MT6580A processor, 1GB of ROM and 16GB of RAM of memory which can be extended to 32GB by SD card.

It will have a 4.7 inch HD JDI curved display for a more comfortable to hold and ultimate visual experience,  screen protect with Gorilla Glass to withstand daily threads like sharing a pocket with car keys, also adopts the In-cell touch technology for the sharper and clearer display looks.

The front panel of A7 features a home button notification LED flashing light.
At the rear, it’s the Samsung 3H7 8MP camera with flash light and auto focus to click good photos.

The Gretel A7 runs Android 6 OS but will get Android 7 updates in May. It’s a Dual SIM smartphone.

From the leaked news, Gretel A7 will have a stylish colorful body design.
The standard color for Gretel A7 is black, but equipped with different back covers, there are total 5 colors: silver, orange,  yellow, red and blue.  Maybe buy one and get one, what do you think of it?

Fully specs:

Finally, we find the full durability test video on Youtube, can be seen below:

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