Full display is definitely the most popular design in smartphones this year, while it is hard to place a front fingerprint with a full display. While different manufacturers gave different solutions to this dilemma, for example, Xiaomi Mi MIX gave up fingerprint for a pure full display, Samsung Galaxy S8 put the fingerprint in the rear. The mid-end DOOGEE MIX has made a compromise by adding a chin in the display and got a front fingerprint.

Now DOOGEE even claims applying latest technology in the next generation of DOOGEE MIX, which is an on-screen fingerprint. DOOGEE MIX Plus, has a curved screen and full display, no physical fingerprint in the front. DOOGEE claims the latest fingerprint sensor would be hidden under the screen, one click on the screen would unlock the phone. If it comes true, the biggest short-coming of full display would be solved perfectly.

Yet the real model of DOOGEE MIX Plus is not coming out, we have no idea of the accuracy of on-screen fingerprint, but it would be a great progress in smartphone design.