Vkworld is known for its excellent price / performance ratio of its smartphones. But How to Update Rom in vkworld vk700? There are already 2 successor models: vk700 Pro and vk700 X,  but vkworld has released a stability update, version 20150925 for the vkworld vk700.
Since vkworld don´t have an update server, the new firmware can ONLY be made via Flash Tool.


My Partner Ralf created these Step By Step Instructions!

Unfortunately there is this no detailed change log.
Vkworld told him the power management has been optimized as a priority.
In addition, some minor bugs have been fixed, but they were not detailed.
Unfortunately, in this ROM the memory management is not optimized, it still remains  the allocation of 8GB ROM about 1 GB of internal memory and 5,5 GB phone memory.
However, on my test machine I could easily move some apps from internal memory to the phone memory. The SD card is not included still under Android 4.4, but there are some apps compensate for this shortcoming.

But now to guide itself, which refers only to the update to version 20150925:

The update can be downloaded from here : Download Link



Finally the unboxing video of vkworld smartphones vk6735, vk6050s and Senior Cell Phones Diamond Z2 for you:





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