Uhans U100 combines shiny aluminum and fine leather

A robust aluminum body combined with a leather-covered back,  an excellent 4.7″ HD display and the current LTE MT6735P SoC: All these is the new: Uhans U100.


Uhans? Never heard of this brand?
If you are using this Uhans U100 you will certainly will have many people asking you what phone are you using. Uhans is a newcomer among the Chinese smartphone manufacturers. So far, the company launched 2 models of the same style on the market. Both noble dressed in sturdy aluminum and leather.


The U100 is not a smartphone, where everyone will find favor. Anyone looking for a small, handy, fancy and stable Smartphone, should look at the U100 closer.

u100jAs already mentioned, the body of the U100 and the detachable plastic back was covered with polished aluminum strips (screwed!) Covered with leather. In my tester with black, embossed leather. Meanwhile backs are available with a variety of leathers and colors.


I do not want a long talk about the beat around – the U100 is easy to hold and feels very high quality. The U100 is no lightweight, proud 155g brings the 4.7-inch monitor on the scales – Greetings from the built-Alu.


Not only the exterior of the U100 can be proud of. Even the inner life need not hide:
the 4.7″ LG IPS display with a resolution of 1280x720P.
In combination with the MT6735P SoC ARM Cortex-A53 1.0GHz Quad Core, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM (expandable via Micro SD card up to 32GB), and Android 5.1.1 out of the box, the U100 runs smoothly and the 2200mAh battery is sufficient for daily use.
mention, I would like that is of course Google Play Store pre-installed and no Chinese Apps system . affect
very extensively is the ability to control the U100 via gestures:




It supports all important 5 FDD LTE bands 1,3,7,8 and 20. Of course, the U100 is a full dual-SIM smartphone, which receives a standard and a Micro SIM.
The reception I have tested with different vendors and SIM cards had no problems: LTE in all German bands was possible.
WLAN is likewise receiving (802.11 b / g / n standard) good and stable, despite the metal cladding.
The Bluetooth connection with my Smart Watches, headphones and Speakers took place quickly and the connection was stable.


The GPS sensitivity is adequate and has brought me with Google Maps destination safely. A fix I received in less than 20 seconds.

3 sensors are available: light sensor, proximity sensor and accelerometer.


The 3 unlit touch buttons are also clearly visible in poor lighting and the sensitivity is good.
The Power button and Volume Up – buttons are also made ​​of metal and finely adapted to the two side panels. Nothing wobbles and also the pressure points are accurate.


Another highlight is the 164 sensor main camera which delivers excellent results for me the built 8MP Sony IMX. (Interpolated up 13MP).
The front sensor was supplied by Omnivision and triggers with 2MP on (interpolated up to 5MP).

Unfortunately the current weather cloudy rain only images as patterns photos ago, I can offer you to view:




My conclusion:

Uhans provides the U100 not 08/15 Plastic smartphone or 99igsten IPhone Clones, but a handy, robust smartphone in extravagant design. Finely tuned are hardware and software, as well as design and processing. I would like to highlight here the 8MP Sony main camera delivers good results.
Finally, I want to talk about the price:
the Uhans U100 can be ordered for the equivalent of about 120 € at our partner store CECT Store: Link to the shop, the owner of CECT Store German, who run their shops in China and promise multilingual and quick support.

Here you can watch my Hands On Video:

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